Unbelievable Facts About GAUR And Wild Buffalo.

 Unbelievable Facts About GAUR And Wild Buffalo.

Unbelievable Facts About GAUR And Wild Buffalo.

Bos GAUR weight, height,body length.

The height up to the shoulder of the male is 175 to 195 cm. When the female is 165 to 185 cm. Has the same height. Length from head to body is 240 to 300 cm. And length 70 to 105 cm. Have. The flowering of horns, which are relatively short cylindrical and have a small roundness on the inside, is about 85 to 100 cm. Mating at any time of the year. New chicks are found especially during the months of November to March. Its gestation period is about 270 days.  

The pregnant female is separated from her group. Gives birth to a baby and keeps the baby moving around. The female takes constant care of him. Babies start walking a few minutes after birth. The female and cub reunite after being separated from their group for a few days.

Where is Gaur found in india?

Gaur is found in the Western Ghats, Central and South Eastern Peninsula, West Bengal and North-Eastern India. Gaur had a presence in the Shulpaneshwar area of ​​South Gujarat in the past. This is the largest animal of the Go (Bovidi) family. It is not correct to call this animal “Indian Bison” by many mistakes. In English, a male is called a bull and a female is called a cow. The plump head and chest are in depth.

GAUR body look 

 The shoulder muscles are strong and bulging. Adult males are shiny black. Young and females are coffee-brown. Babies are golden yellow at birth. As it ages it gradually assumes the original color. The power of smell is noble. Gaur’s eyes are brown. All four legs are white just above the knee. The neck is protruding outwards and the forehead is gray. Horned wild buffalo Are shorter and curved than. The hump is protruding on the back. There is no hair on the body. Females are relatively small in size. Adult males weigh 800 to 1200 kg. Adult females weigh about 700 kg. The family is a favorite animal. Who live in groups of 5 to 30. Lonely males are also often seen. The group is led by an older female. Is a calm and shy animal. Absolutely does not attack.

  Gaur prefers bamboo forests, open grasslands near forests. Grazing day or night as per convenience. Relax in the shade of the trees on a summer afternoon. Especially likes to eat grass, leaves, tree bark. Females often give birth to a single cub. The baby walks with the mother in a few minutes. Problems such as epidemics, grazing areas competing with domestic pets, hunting and declining habitats are threatening the animal’s survival.

Wild Buffalo 

Unbelievable Facts About GAUR And Wild Buffalo.

Wild Buffalo weight, height, body length?

Wild buffalo are 240 to 280 centimeters long. Its tail is about 60 to 85 cm. As long as. Its height is 160 to 190 cm. Are equal to. Weight is 800 to 1000 kilograms. It gives birth mainly in March to May. The gestation period is 300 to 334days. Giving birth to a cub is also seen in other seasons. This is an aloof and powerful animal. Its horns are much larger than those of domestic buffaloes. Hemispherical and pointed at the ends. The female also goes against predators such as lions or tigers to protect her cubs. It is considered to be the most courageous animal in all of India. It cannot be easily crushed if it enters the field. Wild buffalo slateia are black. Some buffaloes have white mela-colored legs up to their necks. Grass and crops are the main food. This animal existed in the forests of Dangs of Gujarat till 150. It is currently found in Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh. It mainly grazes in the morning and evening. Sometimes grazing is also seen at night.

Where is Wild Buffalo found in india

Gujarat, fifty years ago today, wild buffaloes existed in the forests of Dangs as natural habitats. Today it is found only in Assam and Central India. The buffalo of this breed with large, strong and heavy Slatia black body is the most numerous among the wild cattle. Is weighty. Its horns are triangular, flattened and less rounded and have very sharp edges. Of all the animals in the world, its horns are the largest. These horns are present in both males and females. Wild buffalo horns never fall off. The horns last a lifetime from birth to death. During one measurement, the horns of a female up to 3 meters long were recorded. 

Wild Buffalo look like

Thee color up to the knees is light white. Newborns are pale in color and yellow. Females weigh less. This buffalo has a very aggressive nature. When angry, make a sound by exhaling through the nose. Legs kick and shakes his head from the dock. It grazes in herds as per convenience both day and night. There are about 50 buffaloes in such a group. Males usually prefer to graze away from the herd. If there are small chicks in the group, keep them in the middle and keep them dark Is protected. Even animals like tigers are afraid of this animal. Wild buffalo prefer to live near water. Prefers to swim or sit in water for a long time. High grassy muddy areas provide it with ideal conditions. Here he gets food and shelter. His favorite activity is to soak in the mud and cover his body with mud. The domesticated buffalo originated from the wild buffalo. His sense of smell is good. These buffaloes, which live in groups, often cause damage by entering nearby crops in times of scarcity. Pets also make a slightly different kind of roar than buffalo. It has survived in only a few small protected forest areas of the country. They have been placed on the buffalo endangered list due to declining degraded grasslands.

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